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Purpose Driven FinTech
Building products with impact
Welcome to Purpose Driven FinTech! I'm your host, Monica Millares - Product Leader and fellow FinTecher. These days, with the rising cost of living, financial stress among customers, loss of trust in banks, speculation of crypto, and uncertainty, we're facing unprecedented challenges. But there is hope.

We as FinTechers have the power to make a positive impact. Our products, the how we do product, and our people can make a difference on customers’ financial lives - and as a result, in the quality of their lives. That's why I've created this podcast.

I speak with Founders, Product Leaders, VCs, and industry experts to uncover their stories, challenges, and lessons learnt in building products with impact. You'll get to hear real-life conversations, and you’ll walk away with practical questions, frameworks and insights that you can apply to your own FinTech products.

So, are you ready to make a bigger difference in FinTech? Let's come together and discover how Purpose, Product, and People can help us create a future of better financial wellbeing while building sustainable and profitable FinTechs.

Follow me on LinkedIn (@monicamillares), TikTok, and YouTube (@moni_millares) to stay connected and be part of the conversation. Cheers to making better FinTech and making FinTech better!


About your host

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Monica Millares

Monica Millares is a product leader and women advocate who has spent the last decade building great product in the FinTech space. She believes the future of FinTech is to make FinTech more human. It's not about product. It's not about tech, AI, nor crypto. It’s about making a tangible impact.

Monica is a purpose driven leader who’s passionate about solving the greatest questions we face in FinTech today - How do we build great product that serves the company and the consumer? What is the best way to build effective teams while safeguarding the mental wellbeing of employees? How do we push forward with new tech while protecting the planet? How do we make the industry more inclusive?

Monica moved to Malaysia as part of BigPay's founding team to help launch and grow what is now one of the fastest growing NeoBanks in South East Asia. Prior to BigPay, Monica was one of the first joiners in UK Challenger Bank, Tandem, where she helped build a digital bank from scratch.

Monica sits on the Board of PayEd - Education in Payments and is recognized as Singapore’s #Fintech65 Product Leaders and Women in FinTech. She mentors young professionals and is a FinTech Adjunct Professor at UNITAR International University.

Monica has a background in Engineering and a Master’s Degree on Analysis, Design, and Management of Information Systems from the London School of Economics.